Campervan conversion update

After some much-needed snow this past week, we had a couple days of sunshine and 50-degree weather which allowed us to make progress on Moby’s conversion. Yesterday, Zippy cut and screwed down firring strips while I sprinkled baking soda on the horizontal surfaces of the new pop-top to absorb the outgassing chemicals (ugh…being chemically sensitive is zero fun). The last I did was thoroughly vacuum and clean the subfloor. Today, Zippy reinstalled the linoleum floor (removed before sending Moby off to get the pop-top) and taped ram board on top of it to protect it while we work. Then he began putting up the first wall of the beetle kill pine boards we’d sealed twice before sanding-sealing-sanding-and sealing a fourth time. Whew.

Lower boards are nailed in place, but upper are still being sized. January 30, 2022


As Zippy said, “It’s a pain in the ass but it’s going to look really nice.” Hooray!

6 thoughts on “Campervan conversion update

  1. Wow, Zippy is doing a nice job! Our neighbor across the street has been working on her van since August. It has been a labor of love for her. She has modified it a lot, done lots of crazy things with wiring and paneling, put in her own rooftop air conditioner. It’s a tall Ford cargo model. Her and her partner haven’t slept in it yet but they’ve road tripped with it and they love it. We were in Bend, OR last week and I was shocked at some of the really nice, fancy touring vans I saw. it looks like you’re doing something really on par with our neighbor.

    Do you already have some big plans made up, for when your van’s ready?


    • Yes, Zippy is doing really well, I think. Today I told him (again) that if I’d built what he’s built, I’d be really proud of myself. He replied, “Well, no one will ever mistake it for a professional conversion.” Probably not, but it’s still impressive and I’m grateful he’s giving it so much thought. I’m waiting to do the wood staining after he finishes the benches/storage. And whoa, your neighbor has accomplished a lot since August. Impressive to install her own air conditioner. We had a fan installed when we had the pop-top done by a professional outfit. Seemed wise. 🙂 We don’t have big plans yet, mostly focusing on getting it built. Wherever we go, it’ll be a welcome adventure.


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