Bad news good news

Earlier this week, I wore my Marmot raincoat while walking in the rain and by the time I got home, my shirt collar was soaked. Turns out the inner coating is deteriorating. Bad news.

Good news: Marmot has a solid warranty policy.

Bad news: despite my obsessive habit of keeping ALL receipts (which came in handy several years ago when the tent we purchased from REI in the early 90s had a broken zipper and REI fixed it at no cost), I have no record of the Marmot raincoat purchase. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Not on paper or electronically.

Good(ish) news: I’ve narrowed down the year of purchase by locating a photo of me wearing said raincoat while camping on June 11, 2019. And while that photo was low-quality, this one was taken at the same time:

State Forest State Park. June 11, 2019.  (Photo by Zippy)

I may or may not get my raincoat replaced but, in the meanwhile, can gaze at this lovely image and relive some happy memories.

Update: Bad news…looking for that raincoat photo was too much focusing activity for my eyes and I’m now feeling sick to my stomach. The good news is that despite this setback, I am making progress with my various therapies.

5 thoughts on “Bad news good news

  1. Would they replace a raincoat from 2019?! That is a good warranty. My coat deteriorated last year. It wasn’t fun when I realized that as I was out in a rain storm.
    But what a great picture!

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  2. Hey- what a good company to stand by their products – And it shouldn’t be deteriorating —
    Now the 1990s zipper fix is pretty awesome Tom have that done
    Oh and I have a Marmot jacket that I got on mega sale years ago and only recently started wearing it. Favorite part? The Velcro and zipper Option. I was wearing it on a non rainy, but chilly, day and used the Velcro option to secure it and that was a great feature
    But my very favorite light rain coat was a Nike one – even though that model of jacket is nothing like the weather the Marmot was made for.

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