Who knows where the time goes?

Somehow it is seven o’clock and the daylight’s fading fast.

April 20, 2022

Here I am , still wearing the running togs I wore on the trails this morning, hair a mess and body somewhat odiferous.  In between that run and this blog post, I did some stuff, mostly little bits of this and some of that. But instead of feeling anxiety at the end of such a piecemeal day, I’m at peace.

Who knows where the time goes? Who cares?

6 thoughts on “Who knows where the time goes?

  1. Yes – the piecemeal days are quite peculiar at times
    And earlier This week I rescaled the end of the day and thought I did little
    Then I sat with my notebook and yea and decided to jot down the tasks and whew – my piecemeal day was more overloaded than intended – hahah
    But cheers to your light-hearted approach and letting time “be” as we don’t rush and miss life

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