It’s been a day, here’s a pretty picture

Until a minute ago, I thought today was Wednesday. All afternoon, I planned to share this photo from Staunton State Park for a “Wordless Wednesday” post.

June 7, 2022

So what took me so long to post the photo?

Well, I used Microsoft’s OneDrive in the early days of the pandemic when  I was doing housing justice work, and somehow today when working on revisions in a Word doc, I activated that stupid program again. And somehow my photos ended up in there? I don’t know. I’m still not sure what’s going on with my computer and am ready to scream, so will stop here and gaze upon that lovely vista. And breathe . . .

Happy not-Wednesday to everyone.

13 thoughts on “It’s been a day, here’s a pretty picture

  1. I’m so task-oriented that the name of the day is less relevant to me than what needs to be done on said day. 🙂 If you have OneDrive on your computer, it will automatically want to synch and upload all of your stuff. On the bottom bar you should have a cloud icon for OneDrive. Click on that and change the settings to what you prefer and not what Microsoft prefers. Hahaha. What’s with tech companies trying so hard to be so annoyingly helpful? It’s someone’s job, I suppose.

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