Yes I Do Want to Punch

See this squirrel’s clenched paw?

May 15, 2022

That little fist is a result of me tapping on the window to stop it from eating the peanuts we put out for birds* and, for the longest time, I thought it was the same brazen squirrel making a fist at me in response to my tapping. But then I realized it couldn’t be the same squirrel every single day and that ALL squirrels do that. Their immediate reaction to threat is a fist.

I can relate. Maybe I should enlist some squirrels to join me because, Yes I Do Want to Punch / fascists in the face.

*the squirrel food is on the back fence

7 thoughts on “Yes I Do Want to Punch

  1. Hahaha. What a great picture and I love how you worked it into a post about how you feel right now. This morning there was mouse poop in my coffee cup that I leave on the kitchen counter and reuse over the week before washing. As my hubs walked down the stairs all he heard was me muttering, “F^ck you too, you fuzzy b@st@rd!” The hubs asked if he was the fuzzy b@st@rd and I showed him my cup. In a way, he can take 30% of that insult for himself because I told him to check the snap traps before we left for Montana. With my hawk couple now gone, the mice think they can party hardy all the time. Hrmpf!

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  2. Hm, I wonder if it’s a fist or if they curl their paws defensively as a drawing-in, to keep their little toes from being nipped? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them punch anything–though I have seen them make a ruckus when a cat got too near for their liking!


    • Oh, I’m sure you’re right, Jenn. It’s a defensive move when startled. I’ve never seen a squirrel throw a punch, but I do feel a solidarity with that pose. They’d probably be more apt to lash a fascist with their tail! 🙂


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