Heron painting

We went camping in the Routt National Forest for a couple days this past week and were gifted with a Great Blue Heron sighting. Another heron (that we never saw) was making a huge racket with its harsh call, sending this one into a nearby tree.

Unfortunately, we were far away and my heron photos didn’t turn out. But with the aid of a filter, the too-soft image has an atmospheric feel. It’s almost like a painting.

July 12, 2022

I tried drawing the heron in our Moby travel log, copying it from one of my photos, and was embarrassed by the attempt. Really embarrassed. That’s the bad news. The good news is I found a series of videos for beginners and am determined to up my sketching skill level. I began yesterday and Day 1’s lesson was “The Sphere” (complete with shadows and shading to make them 3-D) and today I drew  “Overlapping Spheres.” Five 3-D spheres in a row! Some of those spheres are a bit squashed-looking, but that’s okay. That oblong shape might come in handy if I ever attempt to draw a Great Blue sitting on an egg.

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      • Well not sure if you know I taught elementary art for a handful of years (teaching the elements of art and principles of design was a passion) and one of the things that helped me so much to teach middle schoolers was using Mona Brookes tips – esp the book “drawing for older children”
        And she also had so many tips
        Like I had heard about “palming” for eye health (in 1990) and she mentioned it in one of her books because it also helps the artist prepare their mind and body for various next steps.

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        • I did not know this! I took one drawing class in collage a looong time ago, so it’s basically all new to me. That’s very cool about palming! I do it to soothe my eyes and it makes sense to also do it in preparation for drawing. 🙂

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          • Good morning Tracy! I should do palming more – but I can testify that it has rescued me on road trips- esp one time I was like two hours from home and not sure if i could keep driving – I paused to stretch – took some b complex and a couple fish oils – and then panes my eyes a few times and was so renewed

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