Hoopy birthday to me!

This is me hoop-dancing in my brother’s driveway three years ago and I’m posting this photo to commemorate my birthday because hooping continues to be a gift to my emotional and physical health. I’m on track to hoop 24+ hours this year, the third year in a row.

But I’m not hooping today. Right now, I’m celebrating my birthday with a solo camping trip in Moby (campervan), and it’s no fun hooping outside in winter. Fortunately, it is fun to hike and trail-run and photograph birds in winter, so I’m probably doing one of those things right now. If not, I’m settled inside the cozy van, reading a book or noodling over a new project. (Lucky me, WordPress allows you to schedule blog posts days in advance!)

When I get home, I’ll crank up the music and hoop-dance in my living room while watching birds at the feeder outside the window. That’s some hoopla!

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