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This is last-minute, but I wanted to share this here. I’ve signed up with Barnraisers Project and thought maybe someone reading this might want to join in.

From  their site: “The Barnraisers Project coaches and trains white people to organize their friends, neighbors and colleagues for racial justice and the collective good. We’re nobody’s saviors, but we’re committed to doing our part to help build a better, more just world.”

Registration for the Winter/Spring Cohort closes tomorrow. Click here for information and participant commitments. In summary, there are five 90-minute virtual sessions, beginning the week of January 30th (so, one 90 minute class each on the weeks of January 30th, February 13th, February 27th, March 13th and March 27th).

Image by giografiche from Pixabay

There’s so much going wrong in the world (I just read that North Dakota is considering legislation that would imprison librarians up to 30 days if they don’t remove certain books from their libraries!) and it’s truly an all-hands-on-deck moment. I hope you can join the effort. Solidarity!

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  1. Hi Tracy, that new legislation is crazy and the start of a very slippery slope! Great to hear that about the Barnraisers project. The more people can do to raise awareness of institutional racism, internal biases, cultural racism, and then explore their role in these systems and how to stop them, the better!

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    • Hey Mark! I’d say that proposed legislation is already down that slope and straight-up fascism at this point. It boggles the mind and I’m in full agreement with your assessment about this Barnraisers opportunity. Thank you much for reading and commenting.

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