Wishful thinking

It’s currently 6 degrees (and according to the weather app, “feels like  –6”) so I’m warming myself with a memory of last July when we were camping in Routt National Forest.

Not only was it much warmer on that day, we could also hike on the trails. Around here, it’s been so wet and muddy that I haven’t been out in the open space for a couple months. And today I haven’t even ventured outside, not even to walk Emma. It’s too damned cold.

But yesterday? It was in the upper 50s.
Make it make sense.

8 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. I’m usually pretty winter resilient. But I am ready for spring this year.
    But guess what? March and April are our snowiest months! Haaa! Haaa!! (She laughs the laugh of a woman at the breaking point.)
    I am going to have to find a way to get outside, or my cabin fever is going to take over.

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  2. I’m feeling the warmth of the sun today and need to break out the memory crimes. It was currently 6 degrees (and according to the weather app, “feels like –6”

    What do you mean by “the weather app”?


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