Sunday Confessional: my March madness

For someone who’d supposedly sworn off men’s college basketball, I’ve sure watched an awful lot of shooty-hoops over the past ten days. As in, nearly every single game played.  My bracket is an abomination due in large part to not having watched any games or read about any teams or players this season. I was one hundred percent clueless coming into the tournament.

For example, I picked Purdue to win it all. Instead, Purdue, which was one of the 1-seeds, got knocked out in their very first game by the 16-seeded team from Fairleigh Dickinson. Apparently, it was the worst upset in March Madness history. However, because San Diego State beat Creighton today, I actually have one correct pick in the final four! (Note: I’m aware there are few things more yawn-inducing than someone blathering about their bracket, but I wanted to document my experience here. 🙂 )

Despite my lack of skills in picking winners, I’ve had so much fun this year watching the games. I truly love college basketball and mostly stopped because the NCAA tournament exploited the athletes who were barely getting by (as in, not having enough to eat) while the NCAA literally made a billion dollars a year, most of it from the tournament. It’s still very bad, but as of 2022, athletes can now earn money from endorsements and sponsorships. (So there you have my justification for participating in March Madness, which isn’t solid, I know.) But I have to say, it’s given me a lot of joy.

And now that we’re down to four teams that I’ve watched play in multiple games, I’m going to make one more prediction: UConn* will prevail.

*Wildebeest predicted this from the start.