I receive this melodious gift

Just ran out on the trails for the first time in a couple weeks. I don’t usually go out there on the weekends because it’s more crowded than during the week but I’ve missed the open space, so off I went. And my fears were correct: there were quite a few people and dogs out there. However, someone I’m always happy to share that space with was also there:

Wikimedia Commons: Photo by Rick Bohn

My first Western Meadowlark of the season! As I chugged up the slog, my ears were suddenly filled with liquid song and for a split second, I couldn’t remember what I was hearing. And then my brain processed the sound and I grinned. When I reached the top/turnaround point, I did some stretches as the meadowlark sang its little heart out. I finally spotted it up on the ridge, atop a yucca plant, and called out, “Thank you! I receive the gift of your song!”

And then I ran back down the trail. Oh, happy day.

11 thoughts on “I receive this melodious gift

  1. oh happy day is right- the Western Meadowlark is also a beuaty of a bird
    and we heard a bird while in some stop and go traffic on the interstate. it was so nice to have the little serenade while in traffic


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