Friday Haiku + surprise

As I often do on Fridays, I went in search of a photo to use as a haiku prompt and landed on one from a visit to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in August of 2021.  This image reminded me of childhood when our mother tried to wrangle the five kids for a decent photo that was inevitably ruined by someone flashing bunny ears behind a sibling or making a face or turning away from the camera. Clearly, these cormorants couldn’t care less about me getting a good shot.

And so I wrote this haiku:

many cormorants
but majority headless
group photo challenge

Before posting it I took a closer look, zooming in on the birds nearest the center of the photo, and decided to crop the image to only show those four cormorants. And that’s when I discovered something I’d missed. Do you see it?

A skull!

Holy guacamole. This calls for a whole new haiku:

glossy birds sunbathe
pronghorn antelope keeps watch
sprinting days over

Please join in the fun and comment with your own haiku for this photo!

5 thoughts on “Friday Haiku + surprise

  1. The skull really blends into the rocks! Good eye! Here is my haiku for this week. I was trying to work in something about a sky burial, but couldn’t make it work this morning.

    they gather
    amongst the remnants
    of their ancestors


    • It truly was a shock to realize it’d been there all along and kinda makes me wonder whether the cormorants are aware of it.

      Your haiku is beautiful, Mark. Thank you. (Confession: I’ve had your post open in a tab since yesterday because I can’t get a handle on the unfolding technique, but I’m going to have another go right now. 🙂

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