Tulip therapy

The tulips have been glorious this spring and I just returned from a walk around the neighborhood where many, many cheery clumps of tulips bobbed their heads in the light breeze.

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.”  ~ Luther Burbank

Next door neighbors’ passionate pink tulips.

While the neighbors’ tulips are still in full glory, some of mine are already on their way out. But there’s no hiding a tulip’s grandeur, even in those final days.

I mean, I can only hope to look this vivid and interesting on my deathbed. (Maybe I can do without the spider, though.)

Tulips, I salute you.

10 thoughts on “Tulip therapy

      • They may be blooming here somewhere but I just haven’t noticed them. Due to mobility problems I can’t get out to the terrace to water them. I follow Keukenhof’s Twitter feed to see fabulous tulips instead.


  1. ” I can only hope to look this vivid and interesting on my deathbed.” I’m sure you will! Perfect line!
    By the way, out tulips haven’t *started* blooming yet. I ought to check that they are still alive …


    • HA! Feel free to come check on me then, Amy. 🙂

      And I hope your tulips end up blooming. I have a bunch that didn’t seem like they were going to move beyond leaves but Zippy noticed some that are getting ready to spring open. Yay!


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