Blue skies again

One of my favorite aspects of living in Colorado is the quick change in weather. Yesterday was the snowpocalypse and today is, well, see for yourself.

Shoveling was hard work this morning. There’s A LOT of moisture in the snow and so the closer to the ground, the heavier the load. As I cleared the sidewalk, it took three shovelsful (carving away layers) before I saw concrete and could move ahead.

But now much has already melted. Here’s the corner of the deck from yesterday’s post, along with a shiny photo of the rail at a different stage of meltage:


Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s weather will bring!

The Snow Broke My Shovel

Woke up to about ten inches of snow on the deck railing.
The driveway had drifts about eighteen inches deep.
My shovel broke and you can probably figure out why.

Not including photos because everyone already knows what snow looks like.
Also, grumpy.

Wait. How about some happy-inducing cormorants from last May?
photos including compost tumbler 051
All better.