Who Cares?

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So I’m creeping along on this project, reassuring myself that while the words are coming slowly, they are, for the most part, quality words. They are words that tell a story I care about and though I don’t spend much time thinking about potential readers, my gut tells me others will care about this story, too. And then just a moment ago, doubt started shouting at me from the wings, taunting me with “Yeah, well I bet Author X cared about his story, too, but that doesn’t mean anyone else would.”

Here’s the deal: I’m reading a YA right now written by a multi-published author I absolutely love and respect. He’s magic with the English language and writes emotions and humor and characters/stories so real you feel as if they’ve made camp in your solar plexus. And yet, as I read this book all I can think is “Yuck!” Not about the writing itself but toward the story and basic premise.

I haven’t read any reviews of this book because I always wait until after I’ve finished reading, but I gotta believe I’m not alone on the ick factor. So did Author X ever wonder if he’d be the only one to care about his story? And should he even waste time wondering?

I truly believe we write the stories we need to tell, so here are my questions: Have you read well-written books that made you wonder what could possibly have possessed the writer to tell that particular story? And if so, did you end up caring about the story?

4 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. I normally finish reading everything I start. If there’s a significant ick factor I could be put off reading the story in the first place but I can’t ever recall putting a book down for that reason. There have definitely been a few I’ve finished only to feel very, er, troubled and in those cases I didn’t end up caring about the story.
    Personally, I need to genuinely like the main character(s) to care about the novel and if that’s not the case I find I don’t care *whatever* happens. Now I’m wondering what happens if you stick the likeable character in the ick situation, do I still care? I guess it depends on what the ick is.
    – C.K.


    • You’ve got me thinking about whether I like this character or not, and I can’t say I’ve developed an overwhelming like for her but I don’t dislike her, either. Maybe this all boils down to author-loyalty on my part. I’m reading because I admire the author and want to get to the end with the hopes I’ll understand more about why he wrote this book.


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