I received this message from Progressive Democrats of America (PDA):

Today (Tuesday) is our day to lead in the unified phone campaign to get Congress
to finally stand against Bush’s unending war in Iraq.

In the last few hours, we’ve learned of a possible amendment to Bush’s
supplemental Appropriation request for $93 billion more for Iraq.
amendment, written by our allies, would call for a fully-funded withdrawal of
U.S. troops within a set timetable.
This would mean that a vote for the
appropriation would be a vote against the war.
This is an exciting development –
a longshot, but worth fighting for.

So when we call our Congress members today, ask them to support a “fully-funded
withdrawal with timetable” amendment to the Iraq supplemental. But if such an
amendment is NOT adopted, insist that our Representatives vote NO on the

Our special toll-free number into Congress is 1-888-851-1879.

Don’t stop after calling your own Representative. To ensure that a “fully-funded withdrawal”
amendment comes to the floor for a vote, contact one or two members of the Democratic
leadership: Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY), Chair, Rules Committee (which decides
whether amendments get to the floor); Speaker Nancy Pelosi; House Majority
Leader Steny Hoyer (MD); Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL); Rep. James Clybourn (SC). Make
your call(s) toll-free l-888-851-1879 -- or call 202-224-3121.

Thank you!