Waste-Not Wednesday: Flushing Toilets

Seeing as it’s Halloween and all I considered writing about recycling treats for the little witches and goblins.  You know the recycling I refer to: you’re all out of goodies because someone wouldn’t stop eating, but the doorbell keeps ringing so you dash into the pantry in frantic search of something, anything, to ward off the TP Avengers.  And you spot those granola bars at the back of the shelf plus a few packages of Top Ramen, so you grab those and a couple honey sticks on the way back to the front door in hopes you won’t arrive there to find a burning bag of dog doo.

But you already know the drill.

So let’s talk toilets.  Briefly.

Get yourself a big bucket to keep in your bathroom.  Put it under the tub faucet so it catches the water when you’re warming it up for your bath or shower:

Then use that water to flush your toilet:

Also, we have a plastic bottle filled with water (blue cap at Left) and a plastic container with rocks (next to ball at Right) in the tank.  These displace water so not as much water is needed to refill the tank after each flush.  Just make sure your displacement items don’t interfere with the flushing mechanism.  (If you already have low-flush toilets, I don’t think there’s room for displacement items but you can still use the bucket to refill the tank).


12 thoughts on “Waste-Not Wednesday: Flushing Toilets

  1. You’re one of the select few, Laurie. (I was actually more leery of posting the bucket photo once I realized how kinda nasty it looks).

    And leave those rocks in your head. I know mine feel right just where they are.


  2. Good ideas. I have to say I got a chuckle out of the concept of Halloween Ramen too. It makes me want to write a Halloween story, just for the purpose of having a character score Halloween noodles. 🙂


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