Wildebeest in Search of Cinderella

This morning I put Wildebeest’s lunch in his backpack.
And laughed.

Since May ’08, one of these: COMBINATION LOCK

has been locked onto the top loop of one of these: BACKPACK

On the last day of school Wildebeest
took the lock off his gym locker and locked it
onto his pack for safekeeping.
And promptly forgot the combination.

So this morning when I laughed about it
he told me it’s “like the shoe thing and seeing who fits.”
Whoever can figure out the combination,
regardless of sex,
will be who Wildebeest marries.

Kids keep attempting
combination after combination
in hopes of freeing the Wildebeest.

It makes me smile thinking of so many friends
working to give him a happily-ever-after.  

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