I hesitate to write this because torture is ugly and scary.
It turns our stomachs.
Torture is something we’d like to pretend doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately, torture does exist.
Last week we learned the CIA waterboarded two detainees a total of 266 times.
In one month.
Waterboarded 266 times.

President Obama did the right thing by releasing the secret torture memos.
But then he said there would be no prosecution of those involved.

I understand the political risks Obama took in releasing those memos.
He faced huge opposition from the CIA and others in the "intelligence community,"
and acted courageously.
In this instance.

But now we need to help him be courageous again.
We need to give him political cover.
We must create a public outcry demanding prosecution
of those who sanctioned and performed torture.

Please, take one minute of your time to sign this petition to Attorney General Eric Holder
asking him to appoint a special prosecutor.

One minute of your time.

If you need a more eloquent argument for accountability, please watch this (h/t  ):

Thank you.