The miracle that was Larry Brown

Today I finished reading Larry Brown’s last book, A Miracle of Catfish.
Larry Brown was an excruciatingly good writer
who created characters you wouldn’t typically find in children’s literature.

They’re often selfish
murdering and pathetic.
But also kind-hearted and funny.

Larry Brown wrote for adults but whenever I read his work, 
I have this burning desire to be a better writer for children.
More like him.
Minus the occasional slaughter of various animals
and gruesome factory mishaps.

Larry Brown wasn’t afraid to shine a light into humanity’s dark spaces.
And he was one helluva storyteller.

Thank you again, Doug, for making the introduction.

11 thoughts on “The miracle that was Larry Brown

  1. He’s so good. And this book is amazing despite the fact it was a not-quite-finished first draft sent to his editor along with a sparse outline for the final chapters. He died of a massive heart attack a couple days later.

    Have you read any of his other books?


  2. Thanks! Looks like I’ll have to request them from the library.

    Sounds like you and Zippy had a great run. I would be exhausted WALKING seven miles, let alone running most of the way.


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