Silver Freckles!

As you know, I’m a big fan of Silver Freckles. 
The talented Laura ( )made a bracelet especially for me.
Now Laura is having a contest that runs through HER BIRTHDAY, November 12!
The DRAWING is on her birthday!
Gifts for us!
How cool is that?

Here’s how you participate: this contest on your blog, including a link to (feel free to pull a picture of a bracelet from the site).

2. Then go to Laura’s NEW BLOG and comment on the giftaway post———

and put your blog address in these comments, so Laura knows where it is mentioned, then on NOVEMBER 12–LAURA’S BIRTHDAY! she will draw a name from OVER THERE and that person will win a bracelet from Silver Freckles!

The best part?  You do not need to have freckles to enter this contest.
(Although I’ve got lots of freckles if that helps my cause, Laura).

*** BONUS!! If someone pulls the contest from your blog and gives YOUR BLOG credits Laura will enter your name a second time!

***DOUBLE BONUS if you have previously purchased a bracelet from Laura your name is entered again and again for each purchase!

Laura is also on Facebook now and you can follow her at SILVER FRECKLES!
(She’s going to have a Facebook contest in December).


What could be more beautiful than silver freckles?