21 thoughts on “Incoming!

    • I stand at the window and just keep snapping photos. Those finches move in and out so quickly that you can capture lots of flying. They seem to move in shifts; one group in and the other out to wait in the plum bushes by the fence. And then another switch…

  1. I look forward to these bird pictures! And feel proud I convinced you that talking birds are okay, especially when your dialog is spot on. Whatever gets us through January… I know I wouldn’t want to have this month without my birds (even the pine siskins, a rough and nasty lot).

    • Everyone has you to thank for my talking bird series! 🙂

      I just looked up Pine Siskin and we have them in CO, too. In fact, I bet they’ve been to the feeder and I assumed they were one of the House Finches.

      So why do you think they’re rough and nasty? Do they get aggressive at the feeder? The House Finches are constantly on the move, it seems, and get into some “scuffles.”

  2. Looks to me like the colorful bird is strutting his stuff for the bird on the perch. “Meh,” she peeps, without even glancing in his direction. Maybe she’s more interested in the feeder than him?

    Stunning photo, by the way. I love that you captured them in motion…

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