Not-so-new habits


I used to smoke.
I know, I know.

And even though it’s been a looong time
since I stuck one of those in my mouth,
I’ve realized I haven’t completely lost my oral fixation.

The whole time I’ve been working on revisions,
I’ve had my trusty pack of gum next to me:

And every time I reach for a new piece
(full disclosure, I chew a half-stick at a time),
I have an overwhelming sense of deja vu.
See, I used to buy cigarettes in the hard pack.

Back in the day, my desktop would’ve contained this:

But now, I’ve got this:

Old habits die hard, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Not-so-new habits

  1. Hey, at least you made the switch, that’s what’s important. I do the same thing with gum, I have to have some while working, I like to crack it all the time. It bugs the crap out of my husband though. 😉


    • So very glad I gave up the butts! I love to crack my gum, too, but have a dog that gets freaked out and shaky when I do it so I can only crack while in the car. I think it bugs my mate, too, but my younger son is jealous and wishes he could do it.


  2. I didn’t know you used to smoke. Glad you gave it up — those gum wrappers are a lot less icky than the cigarette butts!

    In the past year or so I’ve developed a real gum habit too. I try never to be without a package on hand. My favourite is Excel’s sweet mint. Yummy.


    • Weird, huh? I’m glad I quit, too. I chewed a lot of gum when I stopped (plus one bag of M&Ms per day plus running every day) but then gave that up.

      With gum, tt’s just the past year for me, too. And now I chew every day. Yikes! I’ll have to look into your brand…..


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