Confession time


Way back when in high school I tried out for the basketball team.
Despite being one of the tallest girls in the school and quite athletic,
I didn’t make the cut.
(Did I mention I also had a bit of an attitude and a big mouth?)  

(This is the 2006 Canadian team)

So instead of basketball, I curled for two seasons.
And guess what?
I was really good.
I got to be the skip.
The skip tells the others where to throw their stones 
and when to sweep.

In other words, I got to boss people around.

I like to point that out whenever I hear someone dissing shuffle board on ice.


4 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Hah! So curling was a good match with your personality, huh?

    I worked at a rubber factory for the summer when I was 17. My summer as a smudge! I wonder how that compares to the canning factory.


    • Guilty as charged.

      Rubber factory? I’d guess the smell wasn’t too pleasant. I was a visual inspector which meant I had a suction hose and watched peas pass by on a conveyor belt and sucked out weeds, rocks, dead frogs, etc. It was pretty horrible.


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