18 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Rocky and Bullwinkle Edition

  1. LOL!!!

    Man oh man, I love your pictures! Photography skills aside (which you have in spades) I’m thinking I might need a better camera.

    P.S. Good on you for writing that letter.

    • YES! I’m so glad we got that camera and lens last year. It makes me happy getting all those fun pictures.

      I haven’t gotten my call yet to confirm but I’m really hoping they run my letter. Hmmph.

    • We have such an interesting little squirrel community here. I was watching one in the binoculars the other day and he had the angriest expression when he dropped one of the nuts I’d set out there for him into the snow. Guess he didn’t want to look for it because of the dog potential.

  2. Your photos make squirrels look so sweet and innocent. But they taunt my dog, which is hilarious, but then the dog barks which does not amuse our neighbors.

    I love bullwinkle too.

    • They do love to taunt the dogs, don’t they? I’m always glad when it happens because it gets my one dog who is oftentimes sluggish, very animated.

      Bullwinkle rules. And so does D.

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