Mentor Monday: Storytelling


My revisions are due to Claudia in two days
and I’ve still got lots to do.
I’m cutting some stuff I hope to use later,
adding new material to make the story flow,
and moving scenes around.

Claudia said during our last meeting,
"I think I’m better at structure [than you]."

I had to laugh because this revision process
has proved something I already suspected:
while I’m a very good writer (meaning, I use words well),
I have to work harder to be a good storyteller.

I have to consciously think about structure and pace
so that I do my characters justice in the way I let their stories unfold.


I am learning.
All this work with Claudia is helping me think 
about my writing in a whole new way,
and I’m confident the lessons I’m learning while
revising CLOSE TO HOME
are lessons I will carry with me on every book to come.

And that’s what being a writer is all about:
bringing your always-improving game with you to each and every story.

16 thoughts on “Mentor Monday: Storytelling

  1. Awesome! I hope you are journaling about all of this, because it is a real discovery of your process and you will need it for all the books and stories to come!


    • I’m using my cool notebook to record much of this and then these Monday posts are also good markers along the way. but you’re right, it is a real discovery and I must document!


    • Thank you, Debbi. I know you know how hard it is sometimes to keep all this straight in your head. That little voice likes to sneak in and blow all that progress apart. Hope you’re keeping with the pact, too. 🙂


      • So how’s it going, Tracy? Are you making good progress?

        PS Forgot: Which of your kids drew a picture on your notebook? Thinking I might need to cajole him to create one for me, so I can glue it to my notebook and/or incorporate it into an art journal…


        • I got a lot done yesterday but need to get lots more done today before I send it off to Claudia. We meet tomorrow! Yikes.

          Wildebeest drew the pic. He’d probably be happy to scribble a pic for you, too. Then again, he’s my unpredictable 16-yr-old….


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