Happy Birthday, Big Brother!

Today is my brother’s 50th birthday.
He was my best friend when we were little.

We sledded together, whooping each time we went over one of our jumps and got air.
We crawled on our bellies in the woods, wearing ammo pouches sewn by our sister and clutching guns made of scrap wood.
We swam in the lake for hours at a time, bouncing on a tractor inner tube and playing tag along the shore.
We filled the horse trough with cold spring water and used his stopwatch to see who could sit submerged the longest.
We paddled his canoe along the shoreline and encountered the biggest, scariest carp in the history of the world.
We slept outside in the tent (until the screech owl started screeching).

I had a fearlessness back then,
and I definitely reveled in the moment.
Due in large part to my brother.

Thanks for always pushing me to jump and climb higher and reach farther, Peter.
I cherish our memories, and you.

Wishing you a coming year filled with joy and love and loads of laughter.
Happy birthday, big brother.

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Big Brother!


    As Julia Louise Dreyfus said on The New Adventures of Old Christine……..

    “How is MY brother’s birthday not MY big day?”



      That’s so funny about “how is it not MY big day?” I guess it does feel that way because of the huge impact he’s had on my life and the closeness we’ve shared since way back when.

      I should go buy myself a cake.


    • And you have no idea how much I wish you were there to share in our memories, Melodye. If I could, I’d box some up and send them to you. Don’t ever forget, though, all the loving memories you’ve created since moving past your childhood.


    • Unfortunately, I’ve grown a bit more fearful over the years. I’m not willing to climb and jump the way I did in those days. As for the hoop, I wasn’t able to do that until I discovered the heavier hoops. πŸ™‚

      (How are you doing, Linda? I miss you around here.)


      • I believe you’re still fearless in inner spirit. And what about that 3AM bird watching jaunt? OK, maybe that was just insanity.

        I’m struggling with my own fears hanging out in fifth grade. It’s got some good parts, too. Heading for Chicago in two weeks so daughter can check out the University–talk about fears!


          • I’d forgotten about that early morning bird watching jaunt, but I think you’re right to categorize that as insanity. Thank you, though, for believing in my fearless inner spirit.

            Are you teaching full-time in fifth grade? I feel so out of the loop here; the last I knew you were subbing and going to school. I used to work with fifth-graders and found them a pretty cool bunch. Now, the going to Chicago to check out the university….yikes!


  2. This totally made me cry. My baby girl worships her big brother and what a blessing it is watching the two of them play. I’m so happy you had that!


  3. Oh, I just love this post.

    It’s funny, when I see either of my brothers hanging out with their daughters – chatting, asking questions, giving advice – I think, wow, I remember when they were like that with me.


    • I forget that you’re from a big family, too. So your brothers are older than you? It sounds as if they did a good job “practicing” on you so they could be there for their daughters. πŸ™‚


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