Waste Not Wednesday: Opportunity


Okay, so this doesn’t fall in the environmental tips category,
but this post is not only a reminder to myself but also a way to hold myself accountable.

My kids in Florida PLUS my mate at the office EQUALS writing opportunity.

I have revisions to complete, darn it.
So I am not going to waste this opportunity for making headway on CLOSE TO HOME.

If you see me around the LJ-playground, please send me back to my pages.
But hopefully you’re seizing your own writing opportunities,
and wouldn’t notice even if I started hooping next to you.

Here’s to us accomplishing a whole mess of literary feats today!

10 thoughts on “Waste Not Wednesday: Opportunity

    • Inching along works very nicely, I think. Less chance for going off on some unproductive tangent. I was never a sprinter in real life and my writing style tends toward my running – long haul, steady-steady.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Karen, and I send you my cheers, too!


    • I’m still hoping that rain/snow thing won’t happen today. Zippy had the same response last night when I told him what you’d said about snow in the mtns and foothills. WHAT?!


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