My Process


I’m about 110 pages into my revision,
and am officially in love with this story.
Often when writers love their projects,
they go into some euphoric state in which they crank out words and revise like mad.

I’m not that kind of writer.

For the past week or so, I’ve been fine-tuning a couple chapters
in order to strike the perfect emotional balance.
These chapters are pivotal and are very different from the original,
so I’m charting new territory here.

I told Zippy it’s as if I’m sneaking up on my story,
getting one part "just right," and then tiptoeing up to the next moment
that needs to be just right.

Lots of times I stop at the point of decision, and do something else.
Nap, work on a crossword puzzle, watch birds.  Watch clouds.
That break gives my middle mind a chance to do its thing,
so that when I get back to it, I know how to strike the emotional balance.

Revision truly is a thing of beauty.

(Crocus from my front yard)                                                          © 2010 Tracy Abell


8 thoughts on “My Process

    • I love that you love that I love my story. Okay, that was bad. But I just could not resist.

      I don’t know the plural of crocus, either. And wondered if it was croci. Cacti. Croci. (But I’m also the one who pronounces the plural of Prius as Prii).


  1. Beautiful flowers!

    I’m so glad you love your story. Over Easter weekend, I fell in love with mine again, too. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it, on how we approach the revision process?


    • It really does feel as if it only needs those gentle nudges. Each time I sit down to work on it, I have absolute confidence it will all pop into place. I should bottle this feeling!


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