Rebuilding My Core: One Plank At a Time


I’m mostly putting this out there in order to hold myself accountable,
so feel free to skim on by.

I really want to strengthen my core muscles.
Hooping is great for that but I haven’t felt up to hooping for the past six weeks,
so need something I can do on a daily basis that doesn’t require lots of time.

Enter the mighty PLANK. . .

Front plank:  today I held this pose for 60 seconds.

Side plank:  today I held this pose (right and left sides) for 45 seconds each.

Oh, yeah.  I also did tricep dips.  Today I did 15 dips.

I’ve gotta start somewhere, right?  Right!

If anyone wants to join me in this, maybe we can cheer each other on to greater core strength.
(I absolutely promise not to challenge you to a plank-off, which Zebu discovered is quite popular in PT circles).

20 thoughts on “Rebuilding My Core: One Plank At a Time

  1. what are the chances I am thinking about the plank pose this morning and YOU ARE DOING IT? and writing about it?? so weird.
    I need to get stronger and I was thinking of yoga and this actual pose.
    in sane.


      • 🙂

        I’m an impatient patient, which has its consequences. My leg’s a swollen, bruised, and achy mess. I’m supposed to stay off of it, but noooo, my independent streak kicks in whenever I’m given direct orders….

        I got a good night’s rest, though, which should help speed the healing. As do your well wishes–thank you!


      • No direct order here, but a plea from a friend: give your body a chance to heal.

        I’m in a glass house on this issue so am not pointing fingers. But sometimes other people can help us remember to give ourselves a break.


      • Thank you, my good friend. I think that if I felt up to writing, having to lie around with my leg elevated wouldn’t irritate me as much. But I’m feeling totally unproductive this week, and I hate that.


      • I totally get that. It’s so depressing to feel unproductive. But maybe you can think of it as using the time to invest in your health; that’s being very productive.


  2. My core is actually pretty strong (not that it can’t use any work, of course) — but today I took my first trail walk/jog of the season…and man, my quads are killing me!


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