Friday Five: The Paint Dilemma


In a little while, a friend is coming over to help me paint.
We’re going to paint bits of walls and cabinets in an
attempt to choose the right colors to de-Frankenstein my kitchen.
You see, my cabinets are now a shade of green which is tolerable in natural light
but under artificial light, is like a bad acid trip.

We have a slew of samples to choose for walls (I have one "accent" wall which is an affront to humanity)
but also these five shades of gray-black (and yes, I realize they look green and brown) for the cabinets.
Black cabinets? 
Yes, black cabinets.
An interior designer floated the idea and we’re going to give it a whirl.

Five whirls, to be precise.

Have a great weekend and may you all love your kitchens just as they are!

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Paint Dilemma

  1. Ahhhhhh, don’t even get me started on the topic of kitchen remodels!!!

    Although…I wish I lived closer and could come help you paint. I *love* choosing paint colors, and transforming a room with color makes me very happy. Rainbow-brite colors aren’t my style, but something soothing and inspiring, all at once–totally me. Too bad my (change-averse) husband isn’t a bit more open to color experimentation.


    • I wish you could come help, too. I used to have faith in my color sense, but in the past several years have made some odd choices. I’m a little tentative now. Zippy isn’t much interested in any of it and as long as he doesn’t have to paint, is happy to let me have at it.


  2. Our kitchen was eggplant purple for the first two years we lived here…I painted it pale yellow (while DH was on a ski trip — he didn’t even know I was planning it, hehe). It’s so much better — I hope yours is just as lovely when you’re done!


    • I love your stealth painting project! When Zippy was off on a family outing, I started digging up the side yard for what is now our patio. You get past that point of no return, and it’s full steam ahead!

      Thanks for the good wishes on the kitchen. Yesterday’s results were quite interesting; the blacks looked blue and/or purple. Still testing.


    • We had fun yesterday but I lost my momentum when my friend left. I will keep going, though, in my quest to find the right colors.

      Hope you’re having a glorious weekend!


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