Building Tension and the Big O


I met with Claudia yesterday to go over revisions.
The take-home quote of the day?

You’ve done an excellent job building tension in the story; it builds and builds and builds. 
Like an orgasm.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I create orgasm-worthy middle-grade fiction. 
But I don’t think I’ll mention that as a selling point when it comes time to schedule school visits.


16 thoughts on “Building Tension and the Big O

      • *fans self*

        I can just imagine them fighting over you…”I’ll have what she’s having.”

        Seriously, Tracy–GO, YOU! I think it’s incredibly challenging to build and sustain tension. Congrats for doing such a fine job of it.

      • Re: *fans self*

        Isn’t it funny to contemplate? I just cracked up when Claudia said that.

        I appreciate your congrats on building the tension but give huge credit to C who has taught me so much about how it’s done.

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