Monday, Monday


Just got back from my PT appointment
at which I received strict instructions to not run for a week.
It’s now official: I will not be running the BolderBoulder on Memorial Day.

                                                                                                                     © 2010 Zippy

(Lebowski wasn’t planning on running this year so I have no idea why he looks so grumpy).

12 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

    • Thanks, Laurie. I really wanted to run since Zippy and Zebu are already signed up, and Wildebeest is planning to run, too. I’ll get to sleep in that day, though.

      I’ll happily go scratch Lebowski between the ears.


  1. Sorry to hear that, Tracy but sometimes the body has other plans for us. Like rest. I guess Lebowski is just disappointed on your behalf.


    • Plans, schmans. 🙂

      You’re correct, of course. I need to kick back and let the healing begin. Lebowski is a very empathetic kitty, so you’re probably right on that issue, too.


  2. 😦 Bummer — now I know the answer…of course, I’m impressed you were even planning on it. I don’t know how your knees and joints handle it so well!


    • It is a bummer but I’m also more hopeful about my long-term running health than I have been for quite some time. So I’ll suck it up and look forward to being healthy again.

      As for my knees and joints, I don’t run on concrete. Pavement has a little more give but the trails are the best (as you know).


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