Ms. Brain, She Desperately Needs a Song


There are lots of contributing factors to my current State of Grumpy:

It’s incredibly windy right now
which means I can’t work in my garden
which means no exercise
since my hip is still messed up and I can’t do much of anything else
which also means I’m gaining weight.
And did I mention it’s Monday?
A really windy Monday?

But I also just realized I haven’t written much of anything in a week
as I’m still in CLOSE TO HOME limbo as I wait for readers’ responses.
I cannot work on BIRD BRAIN until I can give it my undivided attention
because I’ve started and stopped that project so many times I’m
afraid it’ll dwindle into nothing if I don’t give it the respect it’s due.

So there I was.
Crabby, crabby crabby.
Until I grabbed a book off my shelf, THE ELEVENTH DRAFT: Craft and the Writing Life from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop,
and opened it to Barry Hannah‘s piece, Mr. Brain, He Want a Song.
This is what I read:

". . . this is why I find working writers to be among the happiest folks in the world.  Among the unhappiest are those who are not working and have endless questions.  You do not want to get within a block of these people.  The Great Suck – big bottom lip, the sulk, the neurotic and despondent vortex.  But working writers are like unprosecuted felons."      

I’m off to my PT appointment but as soon as I’m home,
I’m going to write some flash fiction or a poem.
I cannot stand wallowing in The Great Suck.
However, I probably won’t go so far as to commit a felony
(unless you count writing really bad poetry as a crime).

8 thoughts on “Ms. Brain, She Desperately Needs a Song

    • It’s not windy today! At least, not yet! Quick, head outside and have some fun!

      (I wrote one piece of fast fiction yesterday, and even though it was HORRIBLE, I felt better for having written it).


  1. I, too, am happier when writing. In fact, I once said to my husband, “If I ever seem to be cranky and depressed and dissatisfied with life, ask me if I’ve written anything lately.”


      • I’ve been cranky, too. And seriously, though I hate (HATE!) to hear that you’re cranky, it’s somehow comforting to know I’m not alone. (Sigh, now I’m feeling guilty about admitting this is true.)

        I’m ready, I think, to climb outta this funk–gonna ease myself out of it gradually, through, rather than trying to force it. Writing will help, and after a week of processing my Nancy Drew discoveries, I’m poised to do just that. And though I’m still too hoarse to sing, I’m fipping through my albums, in search of uplifting music…


      • It’s so hard when we’re suffering multiple ailments (I was in that place the last couple weeks) because it’s just plain overwhelming. But, like you, I’m easing myself back into my regular life; this morning I did yoga for the first time in about ten days (and I missed a couple weeks before that). I was stiff but felt more like myself when I finished. You, too, will be back to normal very soon.


  2. Ouch on the hip! I think you get an automatic free pass for any bad poetry crimes. Not that you need it. Grumpy or not, you are still a great writer. I will read you anytime with pleasure.


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