Headed South


Tomorrow (Friday morning) we’re headed to Westcliffe to spend time with family.
We’ll be at 9000 feet elevation
so sunburns will be more likely,
as will being out of breath.

It’s always a challenge to run there.
Listen carefully and you might hear hear me panting.
This year Zebu and Wildebeest plan to run, too,
so if the wheezing is extra loud, know I had company.

I’m taking BIRD BRAIN with me because today some extra special friends
gave me a much-needed boost of confidence.  Thank you, all.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

12 thoughts on “Headed South

    • Whoohoo on a certain someone giving me a much-needed boost! I got those pages off and into the mail late yesterday. Thank you!

      Turns out I didn’t run (and neither did my boys, only my bro-in-law went out) because it was too hot and rocky and hilly and just too much. I’ll do an extra mile for you on the trails here.


  1. I’m sorry I was offline yesterday and missed your post. I think Bird Brain is a good choice, because every time you mention that ms on LJ, you send a little buzz of excitement across teh internets. I didn’t put that very well– I mean that ms seems esp. sparkly for you.


    • I did go with BIRD BRAIN and got it in the mail late yesterday. Whew. It feels good to focus on that project and I hope to keep the momentum going.

      Thank you for the supportive words, Dot.


  2. I was gone, too! (Not with Dot, though I would’ve enjoyed her company…) I hope you have a great time, Tracy. Enjoy the space and the running and don’t fret. My new mantra: DON’T FRET.


    • DON’T FRET is a great mantra. Maybe we should have Laura make up bracelets with those words. Then my wrist will really jingle/jangle.

      I did have a nice time although it was hot, hot, hot (in the mountains!) and the flies were out in force. Didn’t run but did some yoga out in the trees. Ahh….


    • Thank you, Robin. It was a good visit and then back at it yesterday. Yikes. I need to catch up on everyone here. Hope you’re doing well. Wasn’t yesterday’s cool the very best?!


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