Call to Action: Afghanistan funding


Following up on yesterday’s post regarding WikiLeaks and Afghanistan,
this week the House will vote on an additional $33 BILLION supplemental
for the occupation of Afghanistan.

I just called my representative’s office and urged him to vote NO
(and said I would withhold my vote in November if he voted for further funding).

You can call your representative toll free at 1-888-493-5443.

Think of all the good that could come of $33 BILLION dollars.
Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Call to Action: Afghanistan funding

  1. Thanks for this! I’ll call when I’m not in this busy coffee shop. Sidenote: I’m feeling a little frustrated about my non-action lately. I feel my political “life” = reading blogs and watch cable TV. Sidenote 2: Afganistan confuses me a lot. Unlike most issues, the more I hear about it, the less I feel I understand.


    • I’m late getting back to you, Phoebe. Unfortunately (but not at all surprising), the vote happened on Tuesday and the spineless wimps voted overwhelmingly to dump billions more into that meat grinder. Rep Perlmutter just lost my vote in November.

      If you’re reading political blogs and watching cable TV, you’re probably better informed than the vast majority of people. Of course, some days I’d prefer ignorance to knowing all that I know; it’s truly ugly right now.

      I don’t doubt Afghanistan confuses you. There are so many groups in the mix and no clear “mission” for the U.S. which is why it’s your basic garden-variety occupation in which lots of people get killed and more people get angry and want to retaliate. I don’t get how people don’t understand that a foreign occupation would piss off any group of people, and that they’d fight back however they could. Imagine what people in the U.S. would do if we were invaded and occupied. Boiling oil comes to mind. Plus, torches, pitchforks, and lots of guns.


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