That time of year again . . .

Just popping in to say I’m getting ready
for our local SCBWI conference this coming weekend
so will probably be even more scarce around LJ-land this week.

I’m the conference facilities coordinator which means I need to
coordinate AV, meals, room assignments, etc.

Coordinators are supposed to be coordinated, right?
Then how come I’m suddenly feeling so clumsy?

17 thoughts on “That time of year again . . .

      • It was okay. I had very little responsibility since I live 90 miles away. My job was supposed to be tweeting the conference, but when I got there it turned out there was no wireless. Oops. I did all my tweets the next day.


      • No wireless? Well, then you should’ve-could’ve enticed a little birdie to carry your tweets into the world. 🙂

        I’m rethinking my role in next year’s conference, and may be splitting more responsibilities.


    • The conference did go well, I think. People seemed very excited and the energy level was high. Steph Blake came this year and wondered where you were. I told her you’re more of an RMFW gal because of the heavier emphasis on YA. You were missed, though.


      • You guys are so sweet 🙂 I couldn’t make RMFW this year either (sigh), but I hope to go again next year. I’m glad we have both options, because I know SCBWI does such a great job with MG stuff!


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