Reading Banned Books


It’s my turn at From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors,
and I’ve posted My Childhood, My Reading List, an exploration
of banned books I have loved.

I hope you can stop by.

Wishing everyone a glorious autumnal weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Reading Banned Books

    • Isn’t it a gorgeous picture? I loved it the moment I saw it. And I left it huge because it’s so beautiful.

      Thank you for visiting my other post. I’m sad because it got deleted along with the comments. I put it back up (as best I could remember the ending I kept tweaking this morning), so all’s well.

      Have a great weekend, Melodye.


      • I’m sorry you lost the original post, which was so lovely. I revisited the entry and tried to recreate what I’d said earlier. Nothing elegant, but it’s heartfelt. xoxo

        PS Moving forward, forward, forward with my revisions!!


      • You are so big-hearted, Melodye. Thank you for coming back and recreating your comment. I was so sad when it went away.

        Forward with revisions sounds grand!!! Good for you, writer friend. You’re going to do it!


  1. Great blog post, Tracy! Except for Judy Blume, I didn’t even know the others were banned. I mean really. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I can just imagine what Roald Dahl would’ve said about that!


    • Thank you for stopping over there, Lorraine. I don’t know if you left a comment because the whole thing got knocked out a while ago. I just put it back up but those comments are lost. Poop.

      It would be enlightening to be a fly on the wall and hear Roald Dahl go on about banning books. I might even learn some new words.


  2. Great post, Tracy.


    A Wrinkle In Time encourages time travel? 😉
    Little Women encourages writers and writing? Ha! 😉
    Charlie and The Chocolate Factory encourages chocolate cravings and tooth decay? 😉


    • Thank you for reading my post, Barb. Even though I told myself I wasn’t going to address the whys of certain books being challenged, I couldn’t help thinking along your lines. Tooth decay! Writing as a profession! Time travel! Yikes!


    • The post was accidentally deleted by W’s host doing a back-up (don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about?!)

      Anyway, it’s back up but the original comments are gone forever. Sniff, sniff.


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