I have a friend who once told me how to cure an earworm
(defined as "a tune that is stuck in one’s head, especially as unwanted or repetitive.")
She said to call up someone, sing the song snippet into the phone, 
and then hang up.

Earworm Transfer!

For the past several days, 
I’ve had the medley of songs
from the Teresa Brewer compilation album
advertised on television in the 70s 

Over and over and over again,
I keep singing snippets of these songs.

Because I’m suffering multiple earworms,
I’m going to try a new approach to Earworm Transfer.


Put another nickel in,
in the nickelodeon.

I don’t want a ricochet romance,
I don’t want a ricochet love,
if you’re careless with your kisses,
find another turtle dove.

Wouldn’t any body care to meet a 
sweet old-fashioned girl?

I’ve been jilted.

Bo Weevil, Bo Weevil,
where you been all day?

"Til I waltz again with you,
let no other hold your charms.

The funny thing is,
I watched very little television growing up.
The TV was mostly locked away
but at the whim of my father, 
would occasionally reappear.

I remember being so, so happy to watch
"Gilligan’s Island" after school.
I’m betting the Teresa Brewer commercial played then.

It’s about thirty-five years later,
and I sing the songs in the exact order they played in the commercial.

Talk about the power of advertising.


8 thoughts on “Earworms

  1. Kelly Fineman calls this “brain radio.”

    I am especially suceptible to it. I dread going to malls during December, hearing the same dozen Christmas songs over and over. I can’t listen to Neil Diamond at all any more because I’ll be stuck with a complete medley for days. The worst brain radio ever was when I had a nightmare about a radio commercial for a furniture store!

    The only way to get rid of unwanted brain radio is to turn on my own music until I can unbrainwash myself.


    • Ah, yes. Brain radio.

      I totally get the avoiding malls in December (although it should probably be Oct-Dec). Those songs are very infectious. And Neil Diamond is another candidate. Oh, no, I think one is sticking right now….

      Best to put on some Dylan and crank the volume!!!


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