Bird Brain in Gear!


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
It was lovely here and we had many feathered visitors.

                                                 © Tracy Abell 2010 

I’ve received helpful feedback on BIRD BRAIN
and am madly revising.  The book is already so much stronger!

Hugs and smooches to  ,  , and [info]lorrainemt!
You guys are the very best.  

So I’m headed back into the revision cave,
but wanted to extend wishes for a glorious Monday filled with
happy writing and maybe a bird friend or two.

16 thoughts on “Bird Brain in Gear!

    • It’s nice having you here in the revision cave, Karen. Thanks for bringing the snacks!

      (And you’re welcome on the feedback, especially if it’s helping your process). 🙂


    • Me, too. All the critiques focused on different aspects, with a bit of overlap. I had many epiphanies as I read through the comments, and knew just what to do to make those aspects stronger.


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