Friday Five: The Catching Up Edition


1)  Hello, friends!  Maybe you noticed I’ve been AWOL from TracyWorld.  Why?  Busy, busy, busy.

2)  Last weekend with the help of Zippy, Wildebeest, and Zebu, I placed 12 tons of landscaping
rock around the perimeter of our newly landscaped yard.  Yesterday I spent the day with a Rug Doctor,
bringing the basement carpeting back to life.  This weekend I’ll be cleaning walls and beams in preparation
for the painting crew.  I appear to be nesting.  No, I’m not pregnant.

3)  Despite the above, I’ve been working on BIRD BRAIN revisions.  This round, I’m working off  ‘s 
comments, and am thrilled with the improvements.  I’m so grateful for all the wonderful critiques I’ve received,
and am looking forward to querying soon.

4)  Tuesday night I got together with  who was in town.  We’d never met in person but bonded 
immediately and had a wonderful time in a sports bar on election night.  Really.  If you have to suffer through a
political crap storm, you want to do it with someone smart and funny.  I’ll always remember I was with Phoebe when
I learned civil liberties champion Sen. Russ Feingold lost his re-election bid (shame on my fellow cheeseheads!)

(Because we were sporting I VOTED stickers, the bar gave us a free brownie sundae but I don’t know how to
send phone pic to email).

5)  Yesterday Wildebeest turned 17.  I keep thinking I’m too young to have a child that old, but I guess the
facts are against me on that one.

I’ve missed everyone and hope to catch up on LiveJournal when I get a little more breathing room.
I wish you all a glorious, early November weekend!


9 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Catching Up Edition

  1. I’m so glad you clarified…those are MAJOR nesing behaviors. 🙂

    Happy to hear revisions are going well. Mine are going well again, too. But I still have another round of critiques before I can even consider query.


    • No baby birds in this nest!

      We’re both floating along the river of revisions. I’ll wave when we pass each other! Your book is going to be amazing after this next round, and then you’ll be ready to query!!

      (I wrote a new scene today between Simon and two of the Wildcats. All because a wise reader suggested it.) 🙂


      • I’ll wave at you, too. From your mouth to God’s ears.

        “I wrote a new scene between Simon and the Wildcats” YAY! I bet it’s great. “All because a wiser reader suggested it.” *blushes*

        Have a great weekend!


  2. Wow that´s a lot of work to do!! I also thought you were nesting until you clarifyed you are not pregnant 🙂
    Not neceseraly you are old because of having a son of 17 , you are young mom no matter the age of the kid, repeat that to yourself I am a young a beautiful mom of a wonderful 17 years old!
    Is great bird brain goes well in revisions, critique partners are great. I am still searching but I will find one!!
    I missed you over here.
    Happy friday! Feliz viernes!


    • I’ve missed all of you, too, Anabel. I know you will find your critique partners soon. And I hope in the meanwhile that your writing life and “regular” life are going well, too.

      Have a good weekend!


    • Crazy busy is right. But it feels good to see the results of that business. Nice-looking front yard and no-longer-filthy carpeting! Woohoo!

      I’ll pass the birthday wishes along to Wildebeest. Thank you. Karen, and here are wishes for a lovely weekend….


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