Basketball Jones


Zebu is now a high school freshman 
and on the basketball team.

Last night was his first game, but I wasn’t there.
Zebu was a bit nervous and told Zippy and me
it would be better if we didn’t attend.

Wildebeest (junior) went to the game
along with three friends.

Apparently they yelled and cheered for everything
Zebu did on the court, and he played a great game.

He said he wants Wildebeest & Co at every game.

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There has been a HUGE shift in their relationship,
and I think it’s because they’re in high school together.
Somehow that’s equalized their kinship,
and now they truly enjoy each other’s company.

I wanted to share this because I know some of you despair
that your younger children will ever be friends.
There’s no guarantee they will, of course, but it doesn’t hurt
for me to dangle some hope.

The hope that someday things would be better
got me through some difficult times with those boys.

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    • I’m so glad to hear that, Jenn. I had another friend with a sister tell me they did NOT get along at all in high school, and her sister wouldn’t acknowledge her presence. A much more painful experience.


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