A Mighty Long Way


At the risk of losing friends who are already overwhelmed by their TBR piles
(hello,  !), I’m going to share thoughts on one more book: 

A MIGHTY LONG WAY: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School
By Carlotta Walls LaNier.

This is one woman’s personal account of her experiences as part of
the "Little Rock Nine," and while I thought I was fully aware of what
it was like during desegregation of the south, this book proved otherwise.

For instance, I did not know the students had their own personal military
guards to escort them through the halls.  And that despite the armed protection,
ignorant, racist teenagers still spit on the black students and knocked their books to the floor.

It was painful reading the cruel details of what those brave children and their
families endured in Arkansas, but it’s essential to our progress as a nation that
we acknowledge the specifics.  I’m ashamed I never took the time to fully research
those events.

The "Little Rock Nine" took their historic steps in 1957, but here we are in 2010
with more of the same ignorance and racism directed toward Obama and the Black
Congressional Caucus.  We can either weep, or fight back.

I encourage everyone to read A MIGHTY LONG WAY and to share it with your children.
Ignorance of our past will only lead to more injustice.

6 thoughts on “A Mighty Long Way

  1. It sounds like an interesting book!
    It’s a shame that there’s racism every were. not just against black people but to everyone who is different to the rest.The world is still ignorant or don’t even mind.
    I certainly am going to read it.


  2. I am so giving you the boot. 🙂

    My stepmother went to that school, not at the time the Nine were there, but the impact of their presence still lingered. I visited the school during a family trip. Yes, we have made strides, but we still have many more to make.


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