Friday Five: The Worrywart Edition


1)  Yesterday I made the mistake of telling my hair stylist Wildebeest 
was doing really well.  This morning, he was an absolute mess.

2)  Last night for the first time since starting my new project, I went to
bed feeling anxious about my ability to carry it off.

3)  I’m not sure if I still fit in my regular jeans.

4)  Zebu and Wildebeest informed me they cannot stand how I wake
them up for school with a quiet voice as I open their curtains; they prefer
Zippy’s method of turning on lights and giving them a shove.

5)  I’d pack a bag and head for the hills, but then who would hold
down the fort?

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21 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Worrywart Edition

  1. You can carry your new project forward. I know you can. (Interestingly..I was stressed about The Collector last night, wondering if I can get it on paper the way I see it in my head. WE CAN DO IT!)


  2. 1. oh sorry he is not doing well.
    2. YOU can do it, I absolutely know that with every fiber of my being!
    3. no one still fits in their jeans, that is why that spanx inventor is rich. No beating yourself up.. your body is supposed to be change… it’s like puberty.
    4.Dear Zebu and Wildebeest… wake yourselves up, Tracy is too busy writing for such trivia.
    5.If you head for the hills, we will come find you!! XO


  3. For one moment–until I spotted the palms–I thought, hey, that almost looks like a certain writer’s retreat on the Oregon coast…and yes, do head for the hills. We’ll join you!

    Sorry about #1. I hope the day improves for both of you.

    For #4, an alarm clock works wonders! I’ve finally trained D to use one, and it sure makes my morning easier!

    And for #2, dear Tracy, no one can tell that story as perfectly as you. Truly.


    • I went back to look, and you’re right, it does resemble the Oregon coast. Wouldn’t that be nice to escape again?

      The day(s) have improved, and I’m feeling better today. Zippy usually does the waking so I’m not going to worry about it. And when I do have to take care of it, I’ll be as loud and disruptive as necessary.

      The story is back on track. I’m trying to keep the focus on the paragraph (or sentence or word), rather than looking ahead and getting overwhelmed.

      Thank you, Lorraine.


  4. 2– those feelings are so totally normal. They mostly show you’re on the right track.

    5– Let the fricking fort take care of its fricking self. Sounds like you need a break.


    • I’ve let the fricking fort take care of its fricking self, and am feeling better today. Thank you, Dot. I’m going to hide away with my story and let whatever feelings hit me as they may; it’s my story and I’ll angst if I want to. 🙂


  5. Sometimes I feel like I can’t go on with a project. I just know it was a big mistake. I can’t write another word. And then I do go on, and I do write another word, and another, and I realize the only thing that will stop me is if I STOP, so I don’t. Just keep going, and it will sort itself out. Really.


  6. I’m sorry, #4 made me laugh out loud. Boys! Mine are younger (5 and 8) but they get upset if I try and act cool and say “dude.” LOL.

    #2 you most definitely can carry it off. If you dreamed it up, you can do it.


    • Dude! Really?! That’s so wrong they don’t want you saying “dude.” And it’s okay you laughed at my whiny is kind of ridiculous.

      Thank you for your confidence in me and my story. I’m trying to hold onto my good feelings and just keep forging ahead. Hope your project is moving along, too.


    • NO! Not going to wear sweatpants. The good news is I did get into my regular jeans; they’re tighter than before but it’s not a lost cause. Whew.

      I’m not waking the kids up Monday. Zippy and his lights-on-shoving approach will do it.


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