Serenity: A Work in Progress


Today the sun is shining
but two days ago, snow was falling.

                                                                             © Tracy Abell 2011

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.” – Unknown

I’m working on it.           


26 thoughts on “Serenity: A Work in Progress

  1. Such a lovely photo – and it does capture serenity.
    We are supposed to have another major snowstorm (so unlike NYC) starting tonight. Not looking forward to it.
    Keep warm.


  2. Oh Tracy, this is such a beautiful photo–and sentiment. Just what I needed in this moment.

    My husband took a red-eye flight to CT because his mother is gravely ill. Naturally, he is glad to be there for his parents, but I’m so wishing I had been able to go with him last night, as travel is almost impossible now, due to an incoming blizzard.

    My FIL is having extreme difficulty handling the reality of what may be, so if you could send up some good y heart aches for them, as they’re practically inseparable. (They’ll be celebrating their 72nd anniversary this coming Friday!)

    We’re all hoping for a good outcome, of course, but at this point, freedom from pain and suffering may be the best that we can hope for. So yes…peace amid the storm. That’s my prayer, too.


    • Thank you, Robin. That means a lot coming from an ace photographer like you.

      (And thank you, also, for sharing your heart and thoughts with Melodye and her family right now).


  3. Oh my.

    Tracy, this post is gorgeous. I really want to print it out and frame it, but I know that it won’t look nearly so pretty if I do. It’s a perfect little motivational poster, though.


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