Friday Five: The Translation Edition


Can someone tell me what this sign is trying to convey?

                                             image from

Is it . . .

1)  "Guitar Hero" is to blame parents.  Loose children call the kids "Roadies." 

2)  "Guitar Hero" is to blame.  Parents lose children (and)  call their kids roadies.

3)  "Guitar Hero" is to blame parents’ loose children.  Call the kids’ roadies!

4)  "Guitar Hero": Is to blame parents’ loose children (equal to) call(ing) the kids "roadies"?

5)  "Guitar Hero" really isn’t to blame.  It’s those damned parents and their loose children messing with the roadies.

Regardless of your take on this sign**,
I think we can all agree that nobody should mess with the roadies.

** After posting, realized this sign was put together via this link
but still think the meaning is open to interpretation.              

12 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Translation Edition

  1. Somebody needs an editor! That’s the biggest mess of a sign I’ve ever seen. No clue what it’s trying to convey.


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