Someone’s Not Listening


Zippy and I went snowshoeing on Sunday
after we got about 10 inches of snow.

It was a beautiful day and our tromp through the snow was lovely.
However, I did announce to the universe
that I’d prefer a cessation of snowfall for the rest of the week.

Well, guess what?
More snow!
And frigid temps!

                                                  © Tracy Abell 2011

Wonder if this Northern Flicker has a direct line to the powers that be . . .


13 thoughts on “Someone’s Not Listening

    • The Northern Flicker took off and today we have sunshine but still cold, cold temperatures. Our high will be 24 degrees today. I’m grateful for my warm home.

      Wishing you a good day, too, Anabel!


    • Yep, we’re paying for that warm weather now. I’m glad we’re getting snow but really wish the temps were higher. I love to shovel but yesterday I loathed it. Too cold!


    • Flickers are absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy I have lots in my neighborhood. They’re all over the country but I don’t remember seeing them elsewhere. I’ll try sending one your way.


  1. Sorry about the snow. That’s just mean on mother nature’s part! The Northern Flicker (I even love the name) is lovely though.


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