In Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers


I’m headed out the door for the Denver rally in solidarity with 
the awesome people of Wisconsin.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin,
and have never been more proud of my roots.

This morning I put on my 30-year-old Bucky Badger hoodie
and made a sign:

I don’t know what I was thinking.
Just in case you don’t want to hold a mirror up to your screen in order to decipher my sign:

I’m taking my camera and hope to capture much great signage.

12 thoughts on “In Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers

    • Well, the sleeves are quite short and the kinda rides up on me, but I could wear it. And I had such fun (although some other cheeseheads in their red wondered why I was in blue rather than red. HA)

      Thanks for the YAH! All good thoughts for the workers!!!


  1. Woohoo! Go, Tracy!

    There was a rally today in Columbus, but no way for me to attend. I really hope these rallies have some impact. I’ve been more shocked by what’s happening in WI than by many other recent political events in the U.S.


    • I love that BOOYAH!

      There were rallies all over the place and I know the workers in Wisconsin are making an impact; the gov in Indiana just backed off his anti-union legislation. Guess he didn’t want that kind of public outrage on his hands. And with today’s revelation about Gov Walker and David Koch, chances just got a bit better for WI, I think.


    • Thank you so much, Barbara. But standing in solidarity is much easier than sleeping on the capitol floor. Those people are truly admirable!

      (I love your kitty pic every time I see it).


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