Hello, New Week!



This extremely tall man serenaded the protesters 
in Denver on Saturday as thousands of people
came out in support of Wisconsin workers
and their right to collective bargaining.


                              © Tracy Abell 2011

Wishing everyone a glorious week
filled with upbeat tunes, jaunty
hats, and unconditional
support for your

13 thoughts on “Hello, New Week!

    • Score! So glad the pic made you smile, Karen. I heard the music as I talked to someone and when I finally turned around, was startled to have to look up, up, up.

      Happy March!


    • Thank you, Tracy. So far, so good. Although I’m struggling with a chapter. But I’m sticking with it and know I’ll break on through to the other side…


      • struggling how? i find that sometimes if i write whatever crap is in my head..it allows me to see what i really want to write. it’s kind like my brain says, “uh . . . wait! hold the bus! this is bogus. what you really want to do is…” sure you use energy writing the stupid thing, but…

        and this may not be your issue. just tossing out thoughts. 🙂


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