Mystery Solved


One morning in late January,
we woke to this:

                                                                                                                             © Zippy 2011

I couldn’t believe none of us heard this going on right outside our windows.
Not me.
Not Zippy.
Not the two dogs.

And now Wildebeest informs me this was the work of the entire girls basketball team
(one of the girls "confessed" during track practice).

Who knew teen girls could be so stealthy?

9 thoughts on “Mystery Solved

  1. Uh…I did. Remember, I was once upon a time one of those teen girls doing that. Like I said, it is usually in jest to someone you know. Unless you REALLY hate someone. But then there are usually other things. I never did the other things (i.e., forking a yard or poop in bags on front door step).


    • I just think I’d be giggling the whole time. But we didn’t hear anything. Maybe they’re all so focused on the task at hand they lose sight of the crazy-silliness of it all?


    • I’m sure clean-up did take longer. We were fortunate to have mild weather and it was fun being out with the neighbors because we don’t see them as much in winter. Plus, people walking and driving by stopped to comment. It was a real ice-breaker! 🙂


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